Kabul University is the biggest university in the country, located in the capital, Kabul city. Computer Science Faculty is a key faculty in this university. This faculty has 4 departments. The Information Systems Department is one of the key departments of this faculty. The faculty uses the modern credit system. Undergraduate students study 8 semesters in 4 years. Courses in the first 2 semesters are general for the entire faculty; students are divided to departments of the faculty to complete the remaining 6 semesters specifically in each department.

The Information Systems Department is one of the four departments of the Computer Science. All the departments have similar goals in respect to academic activities and approaches. Three departments of the Computer Science Faculty train students on developing software and designing new outcomes in their specific fields; one department teaches students with the already developed packages of software. The Information Systems Department is one of the first category that trains students on developing, designing and programming new applications.

Teaching and Research

The Information Systems Department curriculum is designed according to national needs and international standards of this field. Several curriculum samples are reviewed and courses that are really needed in our country are selected. These efforts were based on coordination with international colleagues from different universities including European, American and African universities plus market needs analysis.

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Need Assessment

Information is the most important issue in any business. Our daily activities directly affect by information systems. Information systems can either be manual, computerized or systematic. The Internet is becoming part of daily life. Information systems are directly used by the Internet via web sites and web based databases. Simply from this, we can say that there is a great market demand for database and web technical staff. Database development and maintenance as well as web design, development and maintenance let us clearly understand market need and job opportunities for our graduates.

ISD Vision Statements

According to the Outcome Based Education (OBE), ISD Vision.

To build an excellent reputation at national, regional and international levels by providing a quality, effective and efficient computer science education to the students.

Produce quality computer scientists at bachelor, master and doctoral levels who could be leaders, researchers, educators, problem solvers, life-long-learners and entrepreneurs.

Participate and promote inter-disciplinary research and innovative activities among professionals and contribute to the Afghanistan’s economy and self-sustainability.

Be part of global research communities and actively contribute to the computer science knowledge and promote research and innovation among the Afghan computer scientists Information is.