How do you know if you need CRM

Unfortunately, an indication that a business is ready for CRM usually comes in the form of something negative. For example, your top performing sales person leaves the company and takes all the contact information with him, leaving you in the dark. Or, while your customer service team is trying to help out an unhappy customer, your sales representative tries to up-sell him, which makes him so mad that he doesn’t want to do business with you anymore. Or, one of you potential customers tells you that he has decided to do business with someone else – and you find out that this lead dates back to before he was looking for someone to buy from. Perhaps you even recognize yourself in one of these situations?

Every Small Business Needs a CRM Software


Small business CRM software helps you to manage contact information making it easy to follow up on your customers and activities. It is a central repository that collects all customer data in one single place and gives businesses the possibility to create the best possible relationships.

Without it, you will lose track of records, interactions, even sending or receiving the right invoice at the right time.

No business is too small or too big for CRM, it's a base, the pillar of your company bringing everything together and giving you a clear idea of your business workflow, revenue and even if you're on the right path or not.

Does your company have one? If you need more info, drop me a line, will give you more details.



Ziaullah Momand